10 April, 2013

Wish List Wednesday! (3)

Here's a not so big of a secret about me: I really really love Pugs! I've never held one, or even petted one before. I've just rarely seen them walking down the street with their owners, and I only see them from afar. :(

My boyfriend has seen how insane I become when I see a Pug, even by seeing a picture of one. I almost tear up from excitement and become very ecstatic. (I know, I'm pretty crazy!) And my friends always text me when they see pugs because they remind them of how much I love those sweet dogs.

I would LOVE to have a Pug companion someday, which is a wish of mine that I just hope can come true.

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  1. pugs are lovely! do you know an illustrator Gemma Correll? she makes amazingly cute&funny drawings of pugs ;>

    1. I love her drawings of her pug! They're very sweet. :)


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