05 May, 2013

Cinco de Mayo: Why this Hispanic Vegetarian isn't celebrating.

Oh crumbs, today is Cinco de Mayo and people in the U.S. are crazy celebrating. Why not me? Because there's nothing to really celebrate. Unfortunately, I'm like the party pooper of this day, but understand that Cinco de Mayo is not even celebrated in Mexico! (Except for Puebla, which is where the short-lived victory took place.)

The Mexicans beat the French on May 5 which I'm sure can be celebrated as a sign of unity, courage, and pride, but the French quickly came back strong with an even larger army and won the entire war.

I love my culture, almost every year I've spent at least one to three months in Mexico and even have a house there. Yet, why am I going to celebrate a date that not even my culture celebrates? There's nothing wrong with people celebrating this day if they believe in the unity and courage that the Mexican people had on this day, but the problem with some of the people who do celebrate believe that Mexico actually won the war. So I recommend that people do their research before celebrating a "holiday" that was created by the U.S. and not by the foreign country.

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