21 May, 2013


I said I would go into further detail about "fakes," so here I am with this new blog post! Basically, they're the people who pretend to be someone they're not, whether they are said to be a metal head, punk, rockabilly, humanitarian, prep, jock, hipster, mod, etc! Anyone with an ignorant and/or close-minded attitude who purposely labels themselves under a specific stereotype and tries to dress the part is (in one form or another) lying to themselves.

I feel as if this is happening a lot because of the "be yourself" and "beat bullying" movement where today's youth doesn't know how to be inspired, so they take whatever they see in the media that is considered to be "unique" and copy, rather than be creative. A 2O13 15 year-old trying to dress and act like a 15 year-old from the thrash crazed youth of the '8Os is just being unreal with himself. I'm sure every generation had a handful of teens who just followed every new style, but today's youth is much more clueless about these things.

Are there any exceptions? Sure! Many of these people from generations past have grown up and had children, whom they taught about their lifestyle and music. These children grow up to like the same things that their parents did in their youth because they were exposed to that at a very young age. However, there is such a thing as peer pressure and if they are only dressing/ acting a certain way because of family or friends, then they are trapped in their own denial and fear of rejection.

Vegetarians can easily fall into these stereotypes as well. We and vegans are already notoriously stereotyped as the "ignorant and annoying animal lovers who can't get a clue that not everyone will give up meat." But I'm sure you wouldn't want to be known as that ignorant hipster vegetarian who judges others but can't get a clue. (I have already seen MANY of those!) You can listen to whatever music you want and wear whatever clothes you want to wear, even if you don't look like someone who listens to the genre that you love the most!

I was raised on '6Os - '9Os Spanish music, gangster rap, '8Os indie pop, different stages of heavy metal, and grunge. To this very day I still love every one of those genres and many more, but my favorite will always be heavy metal. They hold good memories of singing Ozzy songs with my big brother and Deftones songs with my big sister. I was brought up loving this music and would wear band shirts in high school along with the occasional family hand-me-down acid washed denim jacket. I was known as the vegetarian metal head in high school, but that never stopped me from wearing a floral top to school or pink tights. I'm a little older now, and I still wear band shirts every now and then, but if I ever found a piece of clothing that someone would label as punk, vintage, girly, etc. I wouldn't care; if I like the garment then I will wear the darn thing! I know who I am and I wear what I like, regardless of the label that was put on by someone who probably doesn't know any better. If I don't like beer, I'm not going to drink like a "metal head." If I don't like to be extremely rowdy and tough, then I won't act as such!

Looks and music come with a certain personality that people have judged and labeled over the years. Metal heads drink, punks don't care about the law, psychobilly's are dirty and have a bad attitude, hipsters are rudely sarcastic and love cigarettes. One thing that all these people who label themselves have in common is that they're very judgemental towards one-another to see who knows more about certain music, bands, clothing, etc. If you genuinely love a certain style, then wear what you want, but remember that there will be people who will label you as having a certain personality because every "label" has one. Love all the music and styles you want to love, but always be yourself and present yourself in clothing that shows people who you really are. Never force yourself to look up rockabilly, punk, metal, indie, or any type of bands because you want to prove to the world that you're not "fake." You can be into whatever you like, as long as you're not pretending to be into the scene and judging others who try as well.

This is what my childhood room looked like in the '9Os. On the bed is Oso, a.k.a: "Osito Bonito" R.I.P. 1994 - 2O1O


  1. I feel like this is a really tricky thing to express. While I in part agree with you, I think a big part in growing up is really figuring out who you are. I don't think it's necessarily being fake to try dressing in different ways or trying to make friends in lots of different social circles. It takes some people a few decades to realize who they really are, and that's ok too.

    1. That's very true. I notice that some teenagers like to try different styles after high school too. I guess that the only problem with them trying to find themselves is that they think they know who they are already and start to judge and try to school others with what they think they know. It's a very long topic and I wish I could have written more, but the post was already long as it is! Thanks for the input though.

  2. Well as a 50 year old mother (from Australia)who was one of the first goths in Oz I feel that despite your sweet and serious intentions not to be, you are being well (and I hate to say it) "judgemental". Firstly what is "real" and what is not ? Even at my age I sometimes don't know.Certainly nobody is ever really in a position to judge what is real or not real in another person ...Some people are very multi-faceted and each side they choose to express is a genuine expression of part of themselves !(and one day the most comfortable facet may stay to form the largest part of their persona)

    You said "A 2O13 15 year-old trying to dress and act like a 15 year-old from the thrash crazed youth of the '8Os is just being unreal with himself" ???? Ever thought that he/she may just be having some very "real" fun ?...Or maybe they are discovering what is "real" to them. Just because they did not live through the actual time doesn't mean they are not being genuine ! You are accidentally making barriers that you feel people shouldn't cross .If the "era" you are in does not suit you then their are absolutely no rules that prohibit you from finding and adopting another you prefer....heck the goths borrowed heavily from centuries past !

    In contradiction you then state "However, there is such a thing as peer pressure and if they are only dressing/ acting a certain way because of family or friends, then they are trapped in their own denial and fear of rejection." ....could it be possible then that "2O13 15 year-old trying to dress and act like a 15 year-old from the thrash crazed youth of the '8Os "is actually being real and not succumbing to peer pressure ?...........however a lot of people really enjoy fitting in and we should not judge them as "trapped in their own denial and fear of rejection" when they may have found their perfect place(even if you personally don't like it)

    I hope I'm not being harsh. I really don't mean to be :)

    1. No worries, I love hearing different perspectives! I wrote this based on the people I have met from my early tween years to now in my twenties. For the sake of hiding everyone's name, I chose to write my examples on real people and real situations that I have seen in many teenagers of today an that I know on a personal level. I probably should have mentioned that on my post so it wouldn't seem as if I was just assuming everything, so my apologies!

      My parents and much older professors are also people that I learned from which made me realize that the youth of today is very different from the youth of two decades ago and older. All of the older people I know tell me that they never really cared about labels and jut dressed how they wanted and listened to whatever they like. Some of them did follow certain "labels" but I can see it in their faces that even being part of a label or a "click" back then was much different of what it is now.

      The problem with the youth of today is that they don't know how to be inspired. Goth was inspired like you said by decades past, but if a teenager of today looks up "goth," rather than being inspired and adding their own personal touches like many people used to back then, they choose to copy everything about it, and like I said earlier about people 2 decades ago not caring, these teenagers try so hard to look the part.

      I've even talked to many of these people and have even befriended some who are in it because of peer or family pressure. Others say they are the real deal yet I catch them googling "punk bands" and "what do punk rockers wear" in the school computers. It's ridiculous how far some of these teenagers go just to prove that they are "real" punk or "real" metal heads, or real anything for that matter! They say they are comfortable but when no one is around them and I hang out with them alone they put down the whole "tough metal head" or "spunky rockabilly" persona and talk about things that they actually like!

      Sometimes I get along much better with older people because most of the people my age or younger just talk about the band shirts they wear, who they have seen in concert, ask me questions about heavy metal bands to see if I know as much as them, it's all just a big competition for them to see who knows more and who is more "real" when all of those things don't prove how "real" anyone is. So I hope this explains a little more on what I meant, and thank you for your comment! I'm glad that you brought up my attention on this. :)

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