08 May, 2013

Wish List Wednesday! (6)

I've had this wish ready since yesterday and I'm finally typing this blog post and getting ready to share! I'm a Ramones fan, and a bit beyond the usual "Blitkreig Bop" & "Do You Wanna Dance?" type of fan, yet I'm certainly no punk rocker. However, my favorite member is the guitarist Johnny Ramone, so when I stumbled upon this candle on the Internet, I just HAD to include that candle in today's Wish List Wednesday!

My boyfriend is not a fan of The Ramones, but he feels like the only member he would get along with is Joey Ramone, the singer. When I told him that I wanted this candle, he said, "No girlfriend of mine is going to have anything with Johnny Ramone!" And we laughed after. He says I can have the candle, but whenever we get a larger place so that I can put the Johnny Ramone candle where "he cannot see him."

(Fun Fact: My birthday is October 7 and Johnny's is October 8, which makes us both Libras! Funny enough, my boyfriend is ALSO a Libra!)

I'm eventually going to buy this candle, and I'll probably keep Johnny on MY side of the closet so that my boyfriend won't have to see him. ;P

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