06 June, 2013

Echo Park Lake & Summer Mathematics!

Remember how I said on my last post that I'd start going out more and become more hands-on with the things I write about? Well I went out yesterday for a very long time and had the chance to go to the small Echo Park park in Echo Park of course. Across the street is the Echo Park lake which is closed for reconstruction; however, the grand opening will be in this mid June!

I found out about the Echo Park lake when I was in high school. I attended a very small high school which consisted of only one building with two floors, a parking lot on the front, the back, and a basketball court outside. So sometimes for P.E we would hop on the school bus and run laps around the Echo Park lake. At that time the trees, grass, and lake looked pretty washed up so I'm very excited that the city has decided to clean up the lake and restore the beauty that the Echo Park lake once had. Below is a photo of what the lake looked like while still in very good, young, and fresh conditions.

I know a couple of people who have snuck in at night, but I'd rather wait to see the finished product! (;
(You can see the new water! I took this photo while passing by.)

The next thing I look forward to is my Summer semester! Most students would hate taking a Summer class, but I'm actually excited! I'll be taking a math class from  Monday - Thursday from the morning till the afternoon. The class is four hours long, but unlike most college semesters, this one is only six weeks long! I'd rather take six weeks of math than four and a half months of math!

Do you have anything that you're looking forward to?

P.S: I wonder, where did they put all of the ducks, swans, and geese that lived in the Echo Park Lake?

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