11 June, 2013

Lest We Forget About Kind Vegans.

What's one thing that I cannot stand? If you guessed ignorant vegans, you are right.
Yes, even courteous people have pet peeves, but before I continue I want everyone to know that I do NOT dislike all vegans! Just wanted to make that clear before continuing. Now, these vegans are the ones who not only verbally bash people who eat meat, but they bash on pescatarians and every type of vegetarian as well.

They believe that we're the ignorant ones because if we were any "smarter" or "aware" of dairy then we'd all be vegan. What they refuse to see is that many of us are more than aware of the dairy/ poultry industry BUT everyone is entitled to make their own choices.

Some of these vegans go as far as to say that vegetarians lack compassion and a connection with animals that only vegans  can feel. I have probably watched all of the animal abuse and meat, dairy, and poultry factory videos that these vegans have watched and read the pamphlets as well. Instead of attacking vegetarians, they should be more understanding because many of them started off as vegetarians.

I was vegan for a year but reverted back to my vegetarian lifestyle when I moved out. I live on a very tight budget and am still learning how to cook more vegetarian (and VEGAN) dishes. I even avoid dairy milk, butter, and cheese as much as I can. I only drink dairy milk in smoothies and shakes (unless there is almond milk at home) but never by itself. Do these vegans know this about me? Of course not, so they put me under this category where they see me less superior to them because I am not "aware" of the dairy industries cruelty towards cows.

I know what goes on behind the curtain, but as I said earlier, these people don't know my situation or the situation of other vegetarians. I admire kind and understanding vegans; not only were some of them vegetarians once, but they're strong enough to be amiable towards people who do not live the same lifestyle as theirs. Below is a list of some of my favorite vegan and semi-vegan bloggers and their blogs. Feel free to visit them and give them a follow!

~Heavenly Vegans and Semi-Vegans:~
(No Particular Order.)

Bianca Phillips: Vegan Crunk
Bianca: ReLove Plan.et
Shannon: Leaves & Flours
VegHog: The VegHog

Have you ever dealt with difficult vegans? Feel free to comment and share your opinions and/ or stories in the comment box below.


  1. Aw, thanks Adi!! I'm not too fond of the militant vegans either! I'm not perfect. I occasionally drink wine that may not be vegan when I'm at a party or art show. I don't ask 100 questions when dining out, so there's a chance the bun on my otherwise vegan burger may not be vegan. But I don't stress about these things. I do the best I can for me. And I don't pressure others. My partner Paul is an omni (but he has started eating vegetarian lunches recently!), and many of my friends are vegetarians or pescetarians or omnis.

    You are awesome!

  2. Thanks for your shout out! I think it's always tricky for people to find the right balance of educating each other about things they are passionate on without being tricky. Luckily most people find it in time! Sometimes if it gets to be too much, it's just good to remind them that probably weren't always vegan either and that it's not a decision for everyone!

  3. I'm still transitioning to veganism and I read about this a lot. Maybe because its been only a few months since I was a meat loving omnivore, but I can't imagine judging anyone for their food choices- especially if you've educated yourself. Anywho I just found your blog through Vegan Crunk and I'm enjoying your hones voice. I'm going to go read up now :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle. :)
      And I congratulate you on going through the transition of omni to vegan!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    I totally agree with you as well! Nothing is worse than preachy pushy vegans! It gives compassion in general a bad name. I once got reamed out by some vegan (only 3 months in I should ad!!) for being married to a non-vegan!!! Some people just having nothing better to do than make others feel bad! :P

    I admire all that you do and being true to yourself and doing your best :) it's all any of us can do even the fully-vegan.

    Oh, and for smoothies... I recently have just been using water and ice instead of milk altogether. It was just getting annoying how expensive almond milk or other non-dairy milk was and I hardly even notice a difference in my smoothies without it :)


  5. Very good post, my thoughts exactly, and thanks for linking my blog (although I'm just a vegetarian).

  6. Thanks for the mention Adi :-) I'm also vegetarian rather than vegan, but I do try to give a vegan alternative on my recipes, if I can. I was given a 'telling' off for using dairy on FB the other day, but like you, I use far less milk and eggs than many other veggies and omnis, as I am conscious of the issues involved.

  7. I agree with Michelle-- I've been trying to stay as vegan as possible since October of last year, but I'm shy to even MENTION to anyone that I am because of how rude some, definitely not all, adopters of that diet can be towards people who don't follow it. I usually just tell people I'm "on a diet" when offered dairy...and isn't that lame! I'm excited to look at some of these "good vegan" blogs though, as well as delve more into yours. Cheers!

  8. Hiii! That rainbow tie dye faux fur coat is for sale on shopmiracleeye.com !

    I am tired of people hating on other people. It's just exhausting seeing how much people like to fight and argue. I wish people would calm down and like you are saying not to jump to conclusions.


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