01 June, 2013

Finding Answers For The Love Of Vegetarian Courtesy!

I'm very open with my readers on my thoughts and opinions, and lately I haven't posted anything because I've been so pensive on what to discuss. So many things to write about, but not knowing where to start or how to explain them. Normally I find my answers while asking a question aloud so I might just find my answer in this blog post as I keep typing.

There are times where I think to myself, "The slaughter of animals will never end because not everyone has the ability (or will refuse) to think like an animal rights activist." And so the question comes in of, "Why try?" Maybe not every animal lover in the world has asked themselves the question, but I can't help to think of all the animal abuse that goes on in a daily basis. I'm pretty much stumped; I'm stuck as a college student in an apartment with no pets, no vegetables to grow, no car, no job, on a tight budget, and because of all of this I can't do anything about animal abuse, the environment, the charm or ignorance of vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores, except surf the internet and write.

I wish I could do more hands on work so that I can discuss my experiences with everyone. I'd love to share blog posts about visiting rescue farms, information on certain animals that I have seen or taken care of, etc. I become very happy when I can make others happy or teach people things that they end up loving. I know that I will certainly do this in the future, but I'd love if that could start today. I live in the city (which I love!) but that makes things a bit harder for a blogger looking for nature and many animals, hence where  a car would come in handy!

What I discovered now is that even if the abuse of animals never ends, educating the public about the subject can help reduce the cruelty. This is something I've always believed in but had forgotten by thinking of the things that I don't have which I listed above. I feel more willing to find alternatives to explore my surroundings. Maybe go out walking or on the bus and find vegetarian/ vegan friendly places, interview pet owners, find parks, and much more. I would never want to leave this blog and I won't, I'm more willing and inspired to write and explore my surrounding more than ever. I'll be more alert when I'm outside and brainstorm new ideas for the blog and for my own personal knowledge as well.

Happy reading and happy blogging to everyone.

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