21 July, 2013

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Some of the best friendships we make can happen with the most unexpected people. Unfortunately, there are vegetarians and vegans who won't befriend omnivores. I believe that choosing your friends by what they eat is a horrible sense of judgement. You can have much more in common with an omnivore than with a fellow vegetarian but would never know because you see omnivores as the enemy. If you're not sure about befriending omnivores or choose not to, I created reasons and tips below that can help you out and make things a bit clearer:

Not All Omnivores Are Bad People:
I get it, how can someone who eats animals be a good person? Well that's just the poor sense of judegement talking. Remember to never judge a book by its cover.

How To Distinguish The Good Omnivores From The Bad:
I know this sounds very judgemental, but some of us have had bad confrintations with omnivores. Understand that there are mainly two different types of omnivore jokesters. One type wants to tick you off with their vegetarian jokes and start a pointless argument. The second type just has a silly sense of humor and probably wouldn't mind if you joked around with them either. If there's anyone you want to be friends with, the second type is your best pick. Some of them can even teach vegetarians to lighten up and have fun out of their comfort zone. :)

Share A Table With An Omnivore:
Whether at home, at the park, work, or the mall cafeteria, eating next to an omnivore can help you get out of the habit of judging others by their food. I sat next to an old man once in the mall who was eating meat, and he turned out to be a very nice person. I never had a problem sharing a table with omnivores, but if you do, try sharing a table with one and don't make any faces. You may think they're bad, horrible people, but the only one giving off that impression is yourself.

Be Open-Minded And Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions:
I've received many questions from omnivores about my vegetarian lifestyle, and that's fine! This just helps people understand vegetarianism better. So don't be afraid to ask questions to an omnivore you've just met; what they think of vegetarianism, do they have any food boundaries (likes chicken, but not fish), harmless questions. But never take the questions too far and start offending them. Also, if they choose to not want to know how cows are killed, don't make them hear you ramble about it; which leads us to our last point.

Be Patient, Understanding, & Learn How To Affectively Get Your Points Across:
If an omnivore says something you don't like, such as, "I think pigs are gross," instead of you replying with, "Well why do you eat them?!", calmly explain to them why pigs are not disgusting. (Remember to not sound preachy!) If you can explain in two to three short, great sentences why pigs are not gross, they'll notice and appreciate your good attitude.

Hopefully this can help any vegetarians and vegans understand that there's no need to isolate certain people from your life. However, at the end of the day everyone is entilted to make their own choices. I just hope that I was able to help the curious or confused.

Do you have any omnivore friends? :)

"A man who limits his interests
limits his life."
-Vincent Price


  1. i've met very few people who have been veg*n their entire lives— i think it's important for people who've made the lifestyle change to remember that at some point they were (probably) an omnivore.

    i think what we eat is one of the most personal, intimate things. there are so many emotions and experiences with it and anyone can get touchy on the subject. "Eating Animals" is a great read if you haven't already made it through!

  2. Great post! Most of my friends are omnivores, and I'm lucky that they are the good kind! They're always good about having vegan food for me at gatherings and whatnot :)

  3. i just found your blog and i wonder why it hasn't more followers! you write really interesting and helpful things - thank yur for that ^^
    i started a full vegetarian life about a month ago, so i still have to learn few things and watch myself because EVERYBODY around me are eating meat. well...

  4. Great post, I totally now what you mean! I have to admit I'm a ex vegan, and vegetarian. I have been one for years since I was a child intel I started to have digestion problems (gluten), and horrible severe fungus skin issues ...because I would overload with carbs. Well I was forced to give it all up because of my doctor. Lots of my fellow "friends" looks really badly at me about it. In my opinion I just think people just need to respect each other, and everyone needs to respect the reason why a person wants to be vegetarian or not. :)


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