24 August, 2013

Rainbow Sub!

The omnivorous meal seems so dull compared to a vegetarian or vegan meal. While omnivores have reds, browns, yellows, and some greens, herbivores have all the colors of the rainbow! I've been experimenting with ingredients and came up with a sub that I call the "Rainbow Sub", and I'll be giving you all the recipe!
(The great thing is that you can easily veganize this meal.)

* Bread of your choice.
*Coarse Ground Dijon Mustard
*Tofurky Sausages
*Orange Pepper
*Green Pepper

1. Chop up as much of each ingredient as you need. This depends on the length of the bread you're using. Don't chop the sausage or avocado.
2. Cook the chopped pieces (orange & green pepper, tomato, squash, tomato, and onion) in a pan with a small amount of cooking oil. You can use whichever oil you like.
3. Once done cooking, remove from pan and cook the Tofurky sausage. You can use the same pan.
4. Inside the bread, put the Dijon mustard on the bottom slice and the mayonnaise on the top slice.
5. Put in the Tofurky sausage and evenly spread the chopped ingredients on top.
6. Cut slices of avocado to top off the sub. Press down firmly and make sure that everything stays inside the bread.
7. Enjoy!

How To Veganize:
The one thing that stops this from being vegan is the mayonnaise. If you want a vegan sub, just use vegan mayonnaise. :) 

I hope this recipe can help you all out, especially the people who just started vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. What are your favorite recipes?


  1. Sounds like a yummy recipe! Reminds me that I better start eating more greens! :)

  2. I do not think I have ever been asked what my favorite recipe is...Probably because I am a picky eater...HAHA

    I love tomato sauce mixed with sour creme. That would be the base. Gluten free corn pastas are really yummy in my opinion.

    I know, I know: where are the vegetables?!

    Fresh tomatoes and squash.

    Is tuna allowed? :P

    xoxo, Eszter

  3. What's a tofurky sausage? Not sure if we have them in the UK. looks lovely jubblies!! :)

    1. Not sure about the UK, but these are normally sold in health or organic food stores. :)
      I bought mine at Vons.


    2. Is tofurkey like Quorn? Yeah we don't have it in the UK

    3. I'm not sure what Quorn is, but you can use any vegetarian or vegan form of sausage, or you can make it without it as well. The tofurky sausage is just optional. :)


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