14 August, 2013

Where I Socialize (& Special Announcement!)

What is only a week and two/three days of blogging absence, to me is an eternity! I love to blog as often as I can and I'm just checking in to let you all know that I'm not hiding between pots & pans and that I'm very alive and well! The reason for this post is because I noticed a lot of activity going on in my blog during my absence. Within that empty week and a half I received over 1,000 views (which is a lot for a blog with only 48 wonderful followers!) So for those of you visiting, reading, or just taking a peek, don't worry because I am still here! :)

I have a marvelous future blog post surprise for all of my readers which will be posted sometime between September 8 - September 10. The opportunity actually came as a surprise to me! Let's just say I was invited somewhere and will have the opportunity to meet a very magical being. Unfortunately, that is the only clue I can give you my animal lovers.

Until then, I'll be posting as usual, and if you ever want to see what I'm up to when I'm not blogging, make sure you follow me in these places that I tend to socialize in. You can always find these links on the "Contact Me" section of my blog on the top right corner as well. :)

Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday.


  1. OMG congrats on the 1,000 views!! I'm probably excited enough for the both of us. & I think I know what you're talking about *cough cough* (Twitter) lol


  2. congrats! ^_^ 1,000 vies is alot i think xD anyways i like your pic. it's funny xD

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  3. That's so great that your getting so many views! Keep up the great work!!

  4. Can we get more clues out of you? HAHA

    I just found your blog and I was so happy to read your philosophy on being a vegetarian but not forcing anyone... I stopped eating meat 16 years ago but I was always "afraid" of vegetarians. I kept my head down when I entered a health shop or an organic shop.
    And I hate to admit that I am a vegetarian at a dinner party because I just do not want to end up in a debate about my choice.

    Back to your big surprise...what is it? HAHA

    xoxo, Eszter


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