29 September, 2013

Happy 94th Birthday, Grandpapa!

Today is my grandpapa's 94th birthday (dad of my dad) and he and my grandma had not seen me in over two years, so I decided to show up as a surprise. No one in the family knew I was going, and right when my grandparents saw me my grandpapa got a huge smile on his face and tried to get up immediately. My grandma started crying. When I saw how happy he was I started to cry and hugged them both, wishing him a happy birthday.

(Quick info: my dad passed away in 2008. He was always the most helpful towards my grandparents and he was also the first child they ever lost. My dad was 49 when he passed away. Cancer, diabetes, and back problems.)

My grandparents and I sat together the entire time and I sat in the middle. We made each other laugh, shared stories, ate cake together, I held my grandma's hand, etc. All the generations took turns taking pictures with them in groups, and I came out in almost every picture because my grandparents didn't want me to get up. My grandpapa couldn't stop smiling and they (my grandparents) kept telling me how happy and grateful they were for me showing up.
I had never seen my grandparents any happier than today when I arrived. Words can't describe what I felt like with my grandpapa and grandma by my side. I was there for at least 4 hours, yet time seems to not exist with them around me. They bring me so much happiness and I'm so glad that I was able to be there for my grandpapa. (He looked pretty serious before he saw me, but that all changed when we saw each other.)

Here are a couple of facts of my grandparents:

* My grandparents were neighbors as teenagers and married when my grandma was 17 and my grandpapa was 20.

*My grandpapa's father (Cruz Robles) fought in the Mexican Revolution. Out of the thousands of men that fought in Zacatecas that day, only 200 survived, my great grandpapa being one of the 200. The way he died was that he was found in his home, taken outside, and shot in the head in front of his family. My grandpapa was 13 years old when he saw this.

*When my grandpapa was young, he used to race on his horses (and was a very talented racer!)

*My grandma became very ill when my dad was just a toddler and people would offer to help her take care of him, but my grandma took care of him through her whole illness.

*My grandpapa and I are both the same horoscope sign, Libra. (September 29 & October 7.)


  1. Hi Adi,
    There is something so special about grandparents and young people often do not appreciate them as they should. So wonderful that you cherish yours as you do. I was very young when my all of my grandparents passed away (17 and under) so I really didn't know them aside from the holiday visits. And when you are a kid, well grandparents are memorable mostly for the gifts they give us. As we grow older, though, we realize the greatest gifts they give us are their time and worldliness, their history, their love. My daughter has no living grandparents and that makes me very sad. Luckily for her, a lot of my friends' parents enrich her life with their own.
    BTW, my great grandfather was a Robles as well - Nicholas Robles. We are Californianos.
    Love Noodles' Mommy #2

    1. That's definitely true, gifts were always on my mind when my grandparents would visit the house when I was a kid. Hahah
      I did spend a lot of time with my mom and dads' parents though because I'd always visit my dads parents every week. My moms parents live in Mexico but I always helped them around the house and farm when I was there. My moms mother passed away when I was about 14 & I was in Mexico during that time. And as I got older I too started appreciating them more and more. They're my treasures and I cherish them dearly.

      My boyfriend has no living grandparents either so he never got to feel that bond, which makes me a little sad sometimes, and the fact that my children will not know my grandparents (my great grandparents) or my dad makes me sad too, because they're such great people with amazing stories to tell and have such a loving energy. But I'm happy that your friends' parents are there for your daughter, reading that actually made me very happy. :)

      And that's awesome that your great grandfather was a Robles too! Do you know from what part of Mexico the family is from? My Robles side of the family is from Zacatecas, Mexico.

  2. Oh my I was tearing up when I was reading this post! I can tell by the pictures that your grandparents where so happy to see you! 94 years old!? Wow he looks much younger! I wish I had such a great bond with my grandparents too. I haven't seen them for years now (we don't get along :\)!

    I'm so sorry that your father passed away so early. I can't imagine the pain. May he rest in peace!

    Lots of hugs, Francesca <3 <3 <3

    1. Awww, thank you. Yes, they were very excited to see me. :)
      Hahah everyone says he looks much younger; the crazy thing is that he still drinks alcohol and works too! He works at home though and he strips wires clean to sell for construction.
      Oh no! Why don't you get along? :(

      And thank you for your kindness, my father was worried that after he passed away I would stop going to school. But I love school & ended up graduating & going to college. :)

      Returning late, but loving hugs to you too!<333


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