16 September, 2013

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

What better way to celebrate a Monday than through my Mexican heritage? September 16 is celebrated as the day that Mexico finally won against the rule of Spain which was keeping Mexico in a stranglehold and permitting little opportunities to come in. These events happened during the early 1800s.

My parents, siblings, and I would go to Mexico every year (sometimes even twice a year) and our stays ranged from one month to three months. We'd travel around different cities and towns, but our main stay was Compostela, Nayarit, my mothers birthplace and also where she grew up.
I've been in Mexico during September 16 and I loved seeing the celebrations go on in the streets, making their way to the town plaza in which they all began to do "El Grito." And from my grandparents' house (12 blocks away from the plaza) I could hear all the people chanting and yelling, "Viva Mexico!" The experience is almost surreal; the people are so passionate about their culture and home.

I haven't been to Mexico in over three years and the reason why is because so much corruption is going on. Drug cartels are murdering, kidnapping, and torturing not just common citizens but also tourists. The day after I left my last trip there some men were shot down and killed. This was in 2010, the time when the corruption started to rise. However, there are many hopeful people and I'd love to someday return.

To end this post, I'd like to share with you all one of my most favorite songs, sung by one of the greatest Mexican singers of all time, Jorge Negrete.


  1. thank you for visiting me and sending me love.
    Here comes love back to you.

  2. Hey Sweetie! I wanted to thank you for your healing vibes! I didn't know that you where Mexican! That is amazing! I'm so sorry that you where not able to go back to visit Mexico for a while now. I hope things will get better over there, and you will be able to visit it soon. I have never been there before, and I imagine it is a beautiful country! <3

    1. No problem! And I was born in the United States but my parents were born and raised in Mexico, so we'd always visit. Thank you btw, I hope I can go sometime soon.


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