27 September, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #2: Vegetarian Food Is Too Dull.

Welcome to the second blog episode of "Vegetarian Myths"! Want to read the first Vegetarian Myth? Click HERE.

A common mistake with omnivores is that they have a misunderstood conception about vegetarian food options. People rely on meat so much that they can't imagine how hard cooking must be without any form of meat (or poultry.)

An omnivores first question to a vegetarian can sound something like, "So do you only eat salads?", assuming that vegetarians have little food options and dull meals. However, unlike meat, fish, dairy, and poultry, a vegetarian and vegan meal can include all the colors of the rainbow, filled with the vitamins, fats, and sugars that our body needs! The color of fruits and vegetables are also caused by the benefits they can bring.

Here are two charts that can be used as guides:

You can make the perfect meals fit for your body with these charts! Colorful, delicious, and healthy, the vegetarian and vegan meal is far from dull and flavorless. If you need ideas on what you can make, search my blog for some easy and affordable to make recipes! :)

Consider this vegetarian myth DEBUNKED!  Like seeing vegetarian myths get solved? Stay tuned for next Fridays vegetarian myth!

Know of any vegetarian myths that you want to see debunked? Comment and let me know! :)


  1. my moms like vegetarian food and i do too!
    Thank you for the visiting me and the kind wishes for me to get betters.

    1. That's awesome, Noodles! :D
      I'm also very glad to see that you're getting better.

  2. I love vegetarian food, and there is nothing I like eating more than my veggies :). Whoever thinks that eating foods without meat is not yummy is shure missing out at lots of wonderful dishes!

    1. You can say that again! I must admit that I wasn't a big fan of veggies as a kid (hardly anyone is) but that has totally changed! :)


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