11 October, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #4: All Vegetarians Crave Meat.

My VEGAN breakfast this morning! ;o

Today's blogisode of "Vegetarian Myths" is about vegetarians craving meat. I've received this question from time to time by omnivores, "Don't you miss the taste of meat?" To be honest, the only time I craved meat was during my first two weeks as a vegetarian. However, I only craved chicken. That all changed when I found vegetarian options of meat like veggie chicken patties & veggie chicken nuggets. And as I found better vegetable options and began cooking natural foods, I let them go!  But let's get into further details on this myth.

First of all, not ALL vegetarians crave meat. Some vegetarians have actually grown disgusted of the smell of meat being cooked. Do SOME vegetarians crave meat? Yes. Is that bad? No. And here's how: When you've been eating meat for many years, changing that lifestyle can be very tough. Adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle gives the body a drastic detox, and like every detox, there are side effects. If you don't know your food options very well, chances are that you'll become very frustrated and crave meat more than ever. As time goes by and you start adapting, the cravings can decrease and in some cases, disappear.

If a vegetarian never gets over the cravings for meat, don't scold them. Just because someone loves animals and turned vegetarian doesn't mean that they will hate the taste or smell of meat. That's why there are meat substitutes for vegetarians.

Meat substitute brands like Boca, Morning Star, & others are great for new vegetarians. They help calm the meat cravings and are not as bad for your body. Don't rely on these substitutes though, the whole point of a vegetarian lifestyle is to not just help animals, but to be a healthier person physically, and veggie burgers aren't going to give you the healthy benefits that fruits, vegetables, and legumes can give you. So only eat them on a rare occasion.

Consider this vegetarian myth DEBUNKED! Like seeing vegetarian myths get solved? Stay tuned for next Fridays vegetarian myth! And feel free to share this post as well.

Know of any vegetarian myths that you want to see debunked? Comment below and let me know! :)

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  1. Hello Adi! Your breakfast shure does looks delicious! Is that pesto I see!? Man now I'm hungry!

    You are right! My mom is vegetarian, and she doesn't crave meat at all! She hates it, and is completely discusted by it. Recently at restaurant someone forgot to leave out the meat, and she got so mad (lol!)! Then I have a vegan friend that is completely the opposite. He loves eating meat, but doesn't do so because he is a animal rights activist. :) So yeah every one is different!

    Btw I love your new page design! The moving white cat paws are so cute! ((Hugs)) Francesca

    1. Thank you, and you have a very good eye because that is indeed pesto! :)

      Oh I've had the same situation happen to me before where they accidentally bring me meat, I just keep my cool though, hahahah. And I've met vegetarians/ vegans who never got over the taste too.

      And I'm glad that you like the new design and the white kitten paws! :)


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