03 November, 2013

Help Us Save Tweedles!

Good evening everyone! Before heading off to bed I wanted to share with you all the situation that one of my favorite bloggers is going through. She's a wonderful pug named Tweedles, and was just starting to heal from back surgery. However, Tweedles recently came down with a fever which has put her in the ICU in an oxygen cage. Apparently, her pneumonia got worse and she's on more antibiotics. :'(

Her mommies need all the help they can get, whether in donations or in love and prayers. I've added her "Go Fund Me" widget on my sidebar in case anyone is interested in donating. If you have or have had pets then you know how expensive taking them to the vet when ill can be.

Although I've never met Tweedles in person, her blog has brought me close to her as if I've known her for ages! So visit her blog, Through The Eyes of Tweedles, send her some love, and help us save Tweedles!


  1. Thank you for helping to spread the word for Tweedles. She is such a sweet and gentle soul with a heart as big as the universe. She must get better!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    1. I'm glad that I can help out by spreading the word. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that Tweedles gets better soon.<3

  2. Your post Adi- came right from your heart--- you do know me- and I know you,, and I can feel your love-- it glows and warms my heart.
    Thank you for this post
    nitey nite

    1. I love that you feel that way too. Take care of yourself, all of your blogger friends are here for you.<3

  3. I have never met Tweedles before will pass by their blog right away!!!


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