08 November, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #7: All vegetarians support PETA.

Sorry for missing last week's Vegetarian Myth! :( But I have a very good one today, so keep reading. ;) Vegetarian Myth #7 is all about PETA and how people always assume that every vegetarian/ vegan worships them. Yet, I have a list with many ETHICAL reasons as to why they're no good.

I'll admit, I was all for PETA (for two years) when I first became a vegetarian. However, I was a high school teenager who didn't know any better. I left the PETA bandwagon about three years ago and turns out that I'm not the only vegetarian who doesn't support them either.

Many vegetarians and vegans have their own reasons for not following the large, false "cruelty-free" cult, but I left because I grew suspicious of their actions. (When terminating my account with them, they took over a month and I had to send a frustrated e-mail just so they can get the job done!) There are many reasons why someone wouldn't support PETA; here are a few of mine:
1. I never liked the way they protested. How is putting naked women in a cage with fake blood going to make people take animals into consideration?
2. Why would they target young children with graphic cartoons (above) to try and make them go against their parents?
3. How on earth does vegetarian/ vegan pornography help save animals?
4. Are they so desperate in getting their points across that they recruit any celebrity who doesn't wear fur but eats meat?
5. In 2012, 1,843 animals were retrieved by PETA and only 19 were adopted. The rest of them were killed. That's 1,647 animals who were killed under their name.
6. As a lover of Pit bulls and half a mommy to one ("Baby" Soldier) PETA strongly approves the euthanasia of ALL Pit bulls in shelters/dog pounds and that the ones that have owners should be spayed/ neutered so that the breed will not grow. They basically want Pit bulls to go extinct; and all because the founder of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, was bitten by one and has scars.
*The list goes on!*

They even had the nerve to offend women who don't shave their private areas.
There is nothing ethical about PETA and they constantly lie to get people on their side. Unfortunately, there are many kind vegetarians and vegans who support them but don't know what's really behind the PETA curtain. Always remember to do your research before joining any groups, whether they're cruelty-free, environmental, etc.

Consider this vegetarian myth DEBUNKED! Like seeing vegetarian myths get solved? Stay tuned for next Fridays vegetarian myth! And feel free to share this post as well.

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  1. I am applauding you our friend- because we can see you did a lot of research. And you were able to put your thoughts into words that make sense.
    I think many people may feel like you do- but don't have the right words- but you did it right by speaking your mind- and we feel like you do about all the reasons "why or why not"
    tweedles and moms

    1. Thank you, Tweedles and Tweedles' moms! It really means a lot to hear your views on this and I'm glad that you understood where I'm coming from and that I made my points clear.

      Lots of love to the three of you!

  2. I hate Peta they are scum! True animal rights activists will never allow that animals are euthanized just because "they can't find a home". I bet there is a huge business under it!

    Thank you for sharing this information! I will have to let my mom read this!!

    1. I agree with you. They tried approaching me about this to prove me wrong but I called them out by asking how is it that there are no-kill shelters with far less donations than them? And these small shelters give up on NO animals, even if they're disabled. They also ignored every other reason on this list and tried focusing on the euthanasia one.
      By the way, I forgot to add a very important reason: That they dislike the Pit bull breed! I'll add it right now.

      Thank you for your support and I'm happy that you'll show your mom. It's always great to spread the truth and what is really going on.

  3. This is always a tricky issue. PETA has consistently done terrible, sexist, sizest advertising. I don't agree with a lot of their policies.
    However, because they are so such a huge organization, they do actually have a few groups that do awesome things for animals. One of my friends works there stopping the use of animals in medical training, and he does amazing work. There's always a bright side, even for really ridiculous groups like PETA.

    1. True, there are a couple of good things they've done for animals. But for the amount of money, power, and supporters that they have, I feel as if they've caused more harm than accomplish any good.


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