15 November, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #8: Vegetarians can't be bodybuilders.

When many people think of vegetarians, they certainly don't imagine a person with a lot of muscles. After all, don't we need meat to become strong? The myth of vegetarians not being able to be bodybuilders is linked to the myths that vegetarians can't gain weight and that vegetarians don't need exercise. The right amount of vegetarian meals plus the disciplined amount of exercise equals a strong and healthy vegetarian bodybuilder.

Believe this or not, but Mr. Universe 1971 (Bill Pearl) is a vegetarian! Yes, steroids were used back in those days, however, Pearl had stopped using steroids since 1961, which means that the body he won Mr. Universe with is the result of vegetarianism combined with intense fitness training.

Bill Pearl. circa 1971.

"So vegetarians can be bodybuilders, but a vegan could never accomplish this!", may assume an omnivore. To their surprise though, there are MANY vegan bodybuilders; more than I ever thought there'd be as well! Here's just to name a few:

Robert Cheeke

Claudia Cuellar

Kenneth G. Williams

Derek Tresize

Denise Nicole

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Stay positive and work those muscles!


  1. being a vegetarian- is cool- thats what I think

  2. Wow that Bill Pearl guy looked like a ancient roman statue!!!!!! That is so awesome that he was able to be in such great shape without the use of meat! :)

    1. Hahahah he does! Anytime people say that vegetarians could never be strong bodybuilders makes me laugh. I always think back to this photo of Bill Pearl. x)

  3. Bill Pearl said he tried steroids. That however, does not mean he got his size with them. Trying and using are two totally different things.

    1. Define trying? Because in my opinion someone can try steroids three, five, or even seven times. Same as how someone can USE steroids those same times. Did he state that he only tried them once? If that's the case, then I understand why you'd point that out. But even so, I am not saying that he got his body in 1971 through steroids nor am I attacking him for it.


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