02 December, 2013

El Cholo: Restaurant Review.

This weekend was one of those weekends where I was starving, didn't like what I could make at home, but didn't know where to eat. Thankfully, after driving through Downtown L.A., Little Tokyo, and finding closed restaurants, my boyfriend, his family, and I decided to eat at El Cholo.

I've seen this place before, but had never eaten there. I found out that the restaurant has plenty of history such as being opened in 1923, fourth & fifth generations of the family run the place, etc! I love family-run restaurants; there were pictures of past family members and famous people who have eaten there.

The wait wasn't too long, and after seeing the menu for about 10 seconds I immediately knew what I was going to order, the Annie's Early California Enchilada.  The order included mixed garden vegetables, spinach, corn, sauteed mushrooms, and crushed pecans. (I was also the only vegetarian at our table.)

My sister-in-law ordered some guacamole for the chips that were already served to us. Little did I know that the guacamole would be made right in front of us! A small table was brought to our table, along with things that we'd like in the guacamole. Once we chose what we wanted, the guacamole was made by our sides.
Okay, I'll admit that I'm a tough critic when the subject is guacamole. In my opinion, my boyfriend makes the best guacamole that I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, I had tried better guacamoles than the one that is made at El Cholo from less expensive places, but having this made in front of my face was a pretty nice experience.

For a very busy night (a USC football game had just ended) the service was quick and well. I was so hungry when I saw my plate that I almost forgot to take photos! As you can see, I had just begun to dig in. Sorry for the poor photo quality; they have dim lighting inside.

I was so stuffed after that meal that I literally had no room for dessert! 
The overall experience was nice. I may not be a fan of their guacamole, but the vegetarian dishes they have are filling and delicious. The atmosphere is warm, filled with family portraits and romantic dim lighting. I'd have no problem eating here again and hope to come back sometime soon.

They have a website, www.elcholo.com and are located on 1037 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, CA, 90015.
They have other locations as well in case you don't live around Downtown L.A.

What are your favorite restaurants with vegetarian options?


  1. We think your dinner sounded soooooooo good! And yes- the photos were sooo pretty!

    1. It was delicious. :9
      And thanks for the photo quality feedback!


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