13 December, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #11: Vegetarians can't eat honey.

Welcome to this week's vegetarian myth! For those of you who are new, welcome! Every Friday I work on debunking vegetarian myths so that new vegetarians and omnivores can understand vegetarianism better. Today's myth is a common one that I've gotten asked about many times: Can vegetarians eat honey?
The short and simple answer is YES. The honey we buy is not dissected out of the body of any bees, which means that we're obviously not eating them. However, some strict vegetarians prefer to stay away from honey, wether out of their own personal beliefs and/or health reasons. But remember that the vegetarian world is broad and there is no such thing as just one type of vegetarian. There are over four types, starting from pescatarians and ranging up to vegans. To see the list with information on each one, click HERE.

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Enjoy the rest of your Friday! I hope that this answered your question on honey. :)


  1. I like honey too. Mommy had some on her finger and I got to taste it. It was yummy!

    1. Yes! My parents and I used to always bring some fresh honey from México.

  2. I just love honey!! Just recently I brought back a jar of some fancy raw organic honey from the States, and I already ate the whole jar!!!! lol!! I'm seriously packing on the pounds!!!

    1. The organic one is the best! :9
      Hahah oh no! Better start hiking with Joker. ^.^


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