20 December, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #12: Vegetarians NEED dairy milk.

Yogurt, cheese, whip cream, pastries, ice cream; some of our most favorite things contain milk. Not surprisingly, dairy products are one of the toughest things to give up when going through the process of vegetarian to vegan. But the myth that dairy milk must be an essential calcium giver is a lie that has money and persuasion implemented onto the image. It's one of those things where if you tell the same lie long enough, everyone starts to believe that this lie is indeed factual.

Upon becoming vegetarian, one of the very first things you'll hear people ask you is, "Are you going to keep drinking dairy milk? Because where else are you going to get calcium from?" Not even turning into a vegan and already receiving these questions and comments. Truth of the matter is that: 1. Dairy milk is not our only source of calcium, and 2. We do NOT need dairy milk! FYI: Just as the picture's (above) first fact, cows must become mothers in order to produce milk.

*Did You Know?*
Over 70% of the world population is lactose intolerant.

Not all vegetarians are going through the transition to become vegans, but healthier milk options are available. To name a couple, soy, almond, and rice milk are popular alternatives. There are even omnivores who drink these instead of dairy milk! There are occasions in which I eat dairy products (cheese, pastries, hot oatmeal) but I keep it under a small limit and I never drink dairy milk alone, the closest is hot oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit. Living in a home full of omnivores can also be challenging to stay away from dairy, but taking in small amounts are not as harmful as drinking and eating them on a daily basis. Next time you go grocery shopping, grab a carton of soy, almond, or rice milk and see what you think of the difference. 

*Beneficial Fact:*
It takes the body 11 days to grow accustomed to a new food. This includes switching dairy milk to alternative, no-animal, lactose-free milks as well.

Keep a lookout for my next blog posts! Fall semester has ended and I have a fresh list of topics to write about, including milk alternatives. That will be really helpful information for vegetarian beginners or omnivores who are curious about being a little healthier. :)

Consider this vegetarian myth DEBUNKED! Like seeing vegetarian myths get solved? Stay tuned for next Fridays vegetarian myth! And feel free to share this post as well.

Know of any vegetarian myths that you want to see debunked? Comment & let me know! :)

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Hope you all make the most out of this Friday.
What kind of milk do you drink? :)


  1. So many important facts you got there!! I find milk products to be the most yucky, yet addictive stuff ever. I really want to cut it all out of my diet, but I find it to be way so hard. :(

    1. It can be pretty frustrating. :(
      I want to write some future blog posts about this and list some food products that are great alternatives.

  2. these posts about vegetarian myths are GREAT, thank you very much for them! i'm having some troubles with my family, especially when it comes to the fact that i don't eat fish which is absolultely unhealthy in their opinion.
    there are some other questions/comments i receive regularly, so your posts really help ^^

    weirdoland - pigeongray.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you!! I love that they're very helpful for you.

      My family believes the same thing about fish, yet here I am, 21 years old, healthy, and have only eaten a small bite of fish my entire life! They can never be convinced otherwise of their beliefs, but the best that WE can do is be self-sufficient and cook different types of vegetarian meals to keep us healthy and full. But I can definitely write a blog post on this to go into further detail. :)

      Once again, thank you for finding these posts helpful, and happy holidays!<3

  3. I love this series of myths! Thank you so much!
    I agree that living in a house full of omnivores are quite confusing sometimes. And this dairy issue happens too at home. And that 'you need meat for energy' principle is still strong... Looks like people around will think I'm so weak because I don't eat meat and they force me to eat anything alive. X')

    But I've been trying to eat dairy products in a very tiny dose, I love cheese and...creams. Thankfully, I can drink raw almond milk in my city. There's a little home-industry who provides a good milk packed in glass jar/bottles. Amazing! I depend a lot on it since almond milk is still rare here. :D

    1. Thanks! And no problem. :)
      Have you ever tried making almond milk? I've been meaning to try it to see how well it goes. It's also another great and cheaper alternative. Thankfully you have it raw where you live already. c:

    2. Yep! I've been thinking about making almond milk myself, but I haven't got the right moment. ;D Thanks anyway. What about you? Have you tried making plantbased milk at home? :D

    3. I want to try, but I have to find the time to do it as well. heeheeh x)


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