24 January, 2014

Vegetarian Myth #15: Young vegetarians can't develop well.

Being a teenager is hard, but being a teenage vegetarian makes the struggle even harder! There shouldn't be a need for that, but most omnivorous adults think that vegetarianism on teens and young children is wrong. Are they right? Fortunately, they are not!

Many people are afraid to hear of  vegetarian toddlers. The first thought is, "That child must be very weak and sickly!" That child can be completely healthy if the parent has done their research and supplies them with everything they need. Making sure that they eat fulfilling and vitamin enriched meals should be the first priority of a vegetarian and vegan parent.

 The necessary nutrients for children and teens are the following: B12, vitamin D, calcium, protein, iron, and zinc. All of these nutrients can be found in cereals, bread, soy and rice drinks, nutritional yeast, orange juice, leafy green vegetables, dry beans, tofu, nuts, whole grain, fruit, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, etc. The list goes on! Notice how all of the things that were stated are all VEGAN. There is even special baby formulas for vegan newborns.

Getting kids to eat these foods can be tricky, depending on the child, but there are plenty of kid-friendly recipes online that they can love! Same goes for teenagers who just became vegetarians. The first thing to do is learn how to cook! Start with easy to make meals and work your way up from there. Always make sure that you are eating enough calories and the nutrients that are listed in the paragraph above!! As long as young children are eating sufficiently and teens are keeping track of their meals, there is nothing to worry about. They will be able to develop correctly; possibly better than omnivore children and teens.

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  1. Some humans have such silly ideas- don't they?
    nitey nite

    1. They really do. However, I probably wouldn't force my children to be vegetarians or vegans if they didn't want to.

  2. As a mum of 2 veggie teens (both 'forced' to be vegetarian from conception!), the only thing I've really needed to be mindful of is their iron intake.
    I must also mention that human breast milk is far superior to any formula milk!

    1. Iron was a problem for me as first too, but I started finding more foods to eat which helped fix the problem.
      And I agree with you that breast milk is better than formula milk.

    2. I'm a teenager and people sometimes (ok, ALL the time) say "you're too young to be vegetarian, where do you get your protein from, blah blah

      I really love your blog and this post really helped!!

    3. I was 16 when I first started and I got told the EXACT same thing, all of the time!
      It makes me really happy that you found it helpful; it's the exact reason why I do this. :)


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