20 February, 2014

Interview w/ the Pastel Queen!

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This blog post is awfully exciting for me because I finally got to interview my favorite blogger, Marlena! When starting my blogging adventure in 2011, Self-Constructed-Freak was one of the first blogs that I followed. It may not be a vegetarian blog, but I spent my entire high school years sewing clothes. Up until now I had no idea that she is a vegetarian! So when I found out OF COURSE I had to ask for an interview! I asked her 10 questions, so without further adieu, I present to you the FIRST interview conducted on Vegetarian Courtesy!

1. What lit the fuse for your love of personal fashion?

I think watching ‘90s Nickelodeon and Disney Channel movies as a kid is what did it for me. I know it’s totally not punk rock (haha!) but Zenon, Raven Baxter, and Clarissa Darling were legit my first fashion inspirations/heroes and made me want to try different combinations and styles.  And I guess I’ve just always been really interested in clothes – I remember one of the only highlights for me when I attended public school was getting to plan my outfits for the week (and they were pretty weird, even then! Haha.)

2. How old were you when you became a vegetarian? What made you want to start?

I started at age 8! I know most people wouldn’t think that a child could grasp the idea of where their food actually comes from, but I remember asking my mom to explain the whole process to me (she grew up on a farm!) and afterwards I decided that eating dead animals just wasn’t something I wanted to do. My family and I were never heavy meat eaters to begin with, and I had also just been diagnosed with an allergy to fish around this time, so that made the transition to being full-on vegetarian even easier!

3. Were you given a hard time for being vegetarian, or was your family supportive?

My family, as always, were totally supportive. My mom and siblings actually went 100% veggie when I did! My peers at school and even some teachers were super critical and nasty about it though. There was this one lunch lady who mocked me every time I ordered PB & J on hamburger day – it was ridiculous!

4. Fashion and vegetarianism go hand-in-hand. Do you avoid real fur and leather or are open-minded with fabrics?

I guess I’m a teensy bit opened-minded? I own a few pairs of second-hand Doc Martens, but overall I don’t really dig leather (or even leather-look) clothing, so it’s not that hard for me to avoid it. I also prefer faux fur over the real stuff for all the fluorescent & pastel colors that it comes in.
5. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names & what type of animal are they? If not, which pet would you want to have?
Sadly, I don’t! L As soon as I move out of our apartment and get a steady job I really want to get a pug. I think they’re the cutest and sweetest little dogs ever!

6. What is your ideal dream job?

I guess anything that I’d be able to put my crafting skills to use in would be a dream for
me. I’d also love to run my very own clothing store someday!

7. What is your favorite junk food and pastry?

Sweet potato chips and donuts with lots of sprinkles are what I can’t resist. If I’m in the vicinity of either one I will most likely devour it ALL.

8. Outfits can be planned out so perfectly! Have you ever had a day where you go out & the outfit just wasn't working?

Yeah, totally! The last time was probably recently – I’m not able to remember it specifically though! I usually bring along an extra something if I’m feeling a bit uneasy about an outfit (like a cardigan, different pair of socks/tights, even shoes!) just in case I decide that I hate it and want to change it up a bit. That probably sounds way fussy to most people, but I can’t help being super particular about my outfits. ;___;

9. In your opinion, which season has the best clothing?

Fall, definitely! Because sweater weather is better weather. o.~

10. If you could go back and live in any time, which time would you go back to & why? And thinking of the vegetarian options from that time, what do you think that you'd eat?

Is it weird that I actually never really thought about this? I suppose I’m (mostly) content with the time that I’m living in now. But I guess if I had to choose one it would be sometime in the mid to late ‘70s, mainly because I would have liked to witness the punk thing first hand! and also because I don’t think my diet would have to change that much, either. I’m not into all the super-processed faux meat products that are the norm nowadays. I like good old fashioned tofu on its own! J

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