25 February, 2014

Just me and a duck in Echo Park.

After almost a year since I wrote a blog post about going to the Echo Park lake once it opened again, I FINALLY took the time to go! You see, the lake and I go back to my high school days; my high school didn't have a field to run in so we'd go to the Echo Park lake (and sometimes Griffith Park) to run. My boyfriend took track & field and he'd run there as well. The place was pretty dull; the ducks, geese, and squirrels were the only ones that made it fun. The lake was closed last year for some major restoration and I had plans on going back. However, school, chores, and laziness got in the way of that. How did I decide to go today?
I was applying for a job at K9 Loft and decided to walk back home. Along the way was the lake and I couldn't help but notice that there wasn't many people, so I crossed the street and walked in! Nothing beats an unexpected visit to a beautiful place. The vibe was so different than before, it didn't even bring back any feelings of once running there and it didn't bother me either. I felt calm and completely at peace.
I took a seat and enjoyed the view. I sat there for a good 15 minutes or so, but they felt eternal to me, as if time had stopped. In front of me was a duck showing off his(or)her diving skills. The sound of geese tickled me pink because they're quacking sounds like a funny chuckle. And of course, dogs! There were a couple of people walking and running with their dogs. I even spotted an adorable black pug! (I LOVE PUGS!)

Good bye for now, lake!  Thank goodness you were restored and thank you for the peaceful time today.

Diving like a champ!

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