03 February, 2014

Lifestyles 101: Flexitarian.

Scared of commitment, worried about failing yourself in hopes of a healthier lifestyle, does vegetarianism seem too hard to jump into? If so, the perfect place to start is as a flexitarian! These people eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with meat on the side. The beautiful thing about vegetarian food is that you don't have to be a vegetarian in order to eat it! Flexitarians have their bodies grow accustomed to eating healthier while still consuming meat.

As a flexitarian, you are not limited to any food, the only rule is to eat more vegetables, grains, and legumes than meat. Start by eating salads three times a week, replace sugary snacks with fruit, and incorporate more vegetarian meals after two weeks. Another great way to stay on track is with exercise. If you have a busy schedule, try walking 30 minutes a day. You can switch it up and jog or run.

Things to Look Out For: Don't eat more meat than vegetables. If you can't find something to make, look up easy-to-make vegetarian recipes. Don't feel full? Make a veggie sandwich, lentils, etc. Stretch every morning and in between work hours.

Stay tuned for next Monday's "Lifestyles 101" blog post!
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  1. I have never heard of a flexitarian. Being a vegetarian isn't hard these days. There are so many recipes to try.

    1. Yep! It's the very first baby step for those who are still new to the idea of vegetarianism. Some people find it hard to be vegetarian because the food is expensive, but it's all about buying more fruits and vegetables, which are cheaper than veggie patties and tofu meals.


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