24 February, 2014

Lifestyles 101: Lacto-Vegetarian.

Lacto-Vegetarians (also known as "lactarians") do not eat any type of meat or eggs, but do consume dairy products.

Unlike ovo-vegetarians, non-vegan ice cream, cheese, milk, and some desserts are acceptable. However, they cannot eat omelets, french toast, chiles rellenos, or any other food that contains egg. But just like dairy alternatives, there too are egg alternatives.

Things to Look Out For: Too many dairy products can take a serious toll on your health. Drinking large amounts of dairy milk can actually cause calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. We've been taught to think the opposite of milk because the dairy industry doesn't want their business to fall. No matter what kind of vegetarian someone is, the objective is to eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes than any other animal products such as dairy or eggs. Cheese affects fatigue as well, so exercise routinely to stay healthy and take extra fat away that is caused by dairy products.

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