28 February, 2014

Vegetarian Myth #20: Vegetarians can't eat eggs.

It's official; 20 vegetarian myths have been debunked on this blog!! For those of you who are new, welcome! Vegetarian myths are debunked here every Friday; so sit back, enjoy, and read past myths at the end of this post or on the tab above my blog.

If you're a fellow reader of my blog then you can probably answer this myth yourself. There are only two types of vegetarians that can eat eggs: Ovo-vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians which will be the next topic for Lifestyles 101! The clue is in the name. Ovo derives from the latin word ovum, which means egg. Therefore, any lifestyle that begins with or has the word "ovo" means that eggs are acceptable to eat.

The problem with eating eggs is that too much can cause cholesterol. If you're an ovo-vegetarian or lacto-ovo, it's advisable to not eat eggs often. Why would a vegetarian want to eat eggs in the first place? There are two main reasons: 1. They'd rather get their largest source of protein from eggs and/or 2. Giving up eggs is too difficult and are not ready for a full-on, egg-free life. However, the less eggs and more legumes you eat, the better!

Consider this vegetarian myth DEBUNKED! Like seeing vegetarian myths get solved? Stay tuned for next Fridays vegetarian myth! And feel free to share this post as well.

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  1. gosh, there is a lot to read here!!

    1. Indeed there is! Gotta make sure I don't miss anything important. :)

  2. Haha, love all the vegetarian myths. If only vegetarians didn't need exercise.....
    Well they might if they didn't eat so much cake - note to self :)
    Lynne x


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