24 March, 2014

Lifestyles 101: Fruitarian.

Ever heard of people that only eat fruit? Steve Jobs was one of them! Yup, these people are real, and the lifestyle is much older than people may think. They're called "fruitarians" and a group of natural hygienists revived the movement in the early 1900's. What's the philosophy behind fruitarianism? To heal naturally through food, to have healthy fasting, and indulge in natural living.

Some food sources are raw fruits and seeds. A couple of fruits they eat are sweet like orange, banana, fig, mango, and berries, with non-sweet fruits like avocado, bell pepper, tomato, and cucumbers. For those who choose to eat nuts and/or seeds, they include squash, sunflower, almond, walnut, and even soft coconut meat. There are others who also eat selected vegetables.

Unlike most lifestyles that eat in divided meals, fruitarians eat throughout the entire day until they're full. It's similar to wild animals who graze instead of eating routinely meals.

Things to Look Out For: The fruitarian life is not for everyone. When actor Ashton Kutcher got the role as Steve Jobs in the biopic, "Jobs", he tried adopting the fruitarian lifestyle, but quickly became ill. His body is used to omnivorous foods and was not prepared for raw fruit, nut, and seed meals. That's why I prepared this mini-series for those who would like to take safer baby steps towards a more disciplined and healthier life. For those who are interested in a fruitarian lifestyle, I highly recommend starting from the bottom as a flexitarian and slowly working up. Eat until you're full and excersice regularly to keep muscle.

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