07 March, 2014

Vegetarian Myth #21: Vegetarians have flawless skin.

Oh, how I wish this were true! Unfortunately, no matter how well you eat, how much water you drink or exercise you do, breakouts can still happen. Sometimes the answer lies in your genes.

"So being a vegetarian won't guarantee a pimple-free face?" Sadly, no.
:( There are two main reasons: 1. Our environment and like I listed earlier 2. Our genes. Eating healthy and staying active can only do so much for us. When it comes to blemishes, dirt and oil seeps into our pores creating those nasty little things we call blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Our genes &/ or hormones play an important role as well.

Some girls break out once a month due to the menstrual cycle making their hormones go all crazy! Others just have naturally oily or naturally dry skin. If you take good care of yourself (including your face) and constantly get breakouts, then genetics are most likely the cause.

"Eeeek! Does this mean that I can't get rid of pimples?!" Not necessarily. I'm such a cream puff when it comes to popping pimples, but sometimes I toughen up and squeeze them till all the blood and oil are out then wash my face. However, I know of people who would constantly pop ALL pimples and wash their faces vigorously to the point that getting pimples was a rarity; as if their skin knew that any dirt or oils wouldn't last too long. P.S for the ladies: If you wear a lot of make up, make sure to wash everything off before going to bed!

I'll write a much more informative post on blemishes and how to get rid of (or at least control) them, and some product reviews! ;) 

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  1. thank goodness you give us lots to read!

    1. You're welcome, Tweedles! You're very lucky; dogs don't really get breakouts. Of course, it's thanks to that beautiful fur! :)

  2. Should there be another persuasive post you can share next time, I’ll be surely waiting for it. Dermatologista


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