14 March, 2014

Vegetarian Myth #22: Vegetarians are tree huggers.

Not all vegetarians are "hippies", you know? As a matter of fact, not all vegetarians chose the lifestyle to save animals! Vegetarianism is used as a diet by some people and decide to stick with it because it's working for them. "Well, if they're not promoting animal rights and saving the bees, then why are they vegetarians?!" Here's why:

I've briefly talked about this before, but there are many reasons why someone would want to be a vegetarian. There's the popular reason of not supporting the killing of animals, others include allergies and other health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, high (or) low blood pressure, etc. This results in not all vegetarians being environmentalists. Vegetarianism and environmentalism are two different things that don't always have to go together.

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  1. I must say I do hug every tree that I can,,!

    1. And you take very lovely photos with them! :)


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