22 April, 2014

I don't like Earth Day.

Let me rephrase that; I don't like the idea of creating an "Earth Day". People litter, support slaughter house pollution by eating meat, smoke, cause deforestation, and for one day they're going to appreciate the planet? I highly doubt that.

There are four types of people on Earth Day: People who go out and do something like plant trees, clean the beach, etc., people who aren't really sure what to change in their everyday life and just post photos saying "Happy Earth Day!", people who don't know about it, and people who just don't care.

I feel as if no significant amount of people bother to do research, take action, or take the time to understand what appreciation really means.                                                        Source.

Inventing Earth Day is almost a way for people to cope with the unconscious guilt they have inside of them so they can feel better about themselves. But what are they doing on a regular basis to help mother earth? 1,000 smokers quit smoking for a day does nothing to save the planet. We may be nothing but a microscopic spec in the universe, but we should at least do something meaningful to save our own skins.

People should appreciate earth everyday. We've let ourselves become trapped in this form of living where the fastest commute causes pollution, where "being yourself" has become a fashion fad, commercials advertise children camping under a beautiful night sky only to be found inside the tent watching Netflix. Television and films move the camera every two to five seconds, shrinking our attention span. We're stuck in this circle that sadly, our government has put us in. So when things like Earth Day are created, some people believe that they're doing good because the planet is being recognized.

Saying "Happy Earth Day, save the planet!", does nothing. Reducing your electric sources, eating less to no meat, and using the bus more than the car is something that can affect your environment.

If everyone in the world used no electricity, didn't shower, didn't smoke, didn't eat meat, and used bikes to commute on Earth Day, then I believe that that would create an impact. But what good is it all if it's done once a year? The fact that we're stuck in a cycle that many people are too afraid to get out of is what keeps us from moving forward and actually doing something about it. That's why I don't like Earth Day. Do I believe that we can break free from this cycle? Yes. The only problem is that people think too much and do too little. Even I get stuck in thoughts sometimes. However, it's in our nature to take action and do things, society has just made us believe that some things are just impossible, but that's wrong.

Want to celebrate Earth Day? I suggest you celebrate it everyday and show mother earth what you can bring to the table. How do you appreciate earth?


  1. As I sit here reading your words,, all of a sudden it started snowing. What you said is so true,,,
    It should be everyday- not just one day.

    1. Beautiful! Nature always brings us surprises. :)


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