06 April, 2014

Sunday Snack!

Who says that healthy food is only good for the weekdays? I went to the swap meet today and shared this "bionico" with my husband. :9

I'll admit, I'm not the most fit or healthiest vegetarian in the world, but healthy snacks and meals should be eaten at least every day.

Want to start a health journey? I certainly am! I'm a skinny girl with a huge gut filled with a heavy layer of fat and a top layer of water weight. (Not joking!) I'll totally post up a picture when I start my journey.

It's a shame to be told how nice and skinny I am but be so out of shape. I tried doing one sit up today, I failed. :( I remember being 14 years old and doing 40 sit ups in one minute!

Don't worry, this post won't end on a self-shaming note. While at the swap meet, there was a guy dancing like crazy. Enjoy the video, I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did!
P.S: Yes! He did spot my husband filming him! lol

What do you like to do during the weekends? :)


  1. That snack bowl looks super dreamy! I just binged on two taro buns, but I would definitely trade!

    1. I haven't had taro buns in ages! They're so delicious, we can certainly trade. Hahah


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