11 April, 2014

Vegetarian Myth #23: Vegetarians have no energy.

A vegetarian with no energy is one who doesn't know what to eat and/ or don't do any exercise.. that, or they like to pull all-nighters! But in all truth and honesty, healthy vegetarians are some of the most energized people. Why would someone think otherwise? Because many of us have been raised to believe that meat is what makes us strong and gives us energy.

To the omnivores and ex-omnivores: Do you remember feeling sleepy or tired after eating a meat-filled meal? That's because the food is weighing down in your body, and that is NOT good! Our last meal of the day should be eaten at least three hours before we go to bed. Anything later will result in the food not being digested fast enough.

There are so many earth-grown options that give us plenty of energy. I'm talking about fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and legumes! Each is packed with many similar nutrients and some contain more like zinc, fiber, iron, etc. Not only do they increase the energy levels in our bodies, they help decrease the chances of catching any illnesses/ diseases or curing them. These natural (basically vegan) foods also remove harmful toxins that we've consumed. A bowl of cooked spinach over a bowl of hot wings? Yes, please!!

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Don't back down on eating your veggies!


  1. hi Adi! Do you take requests for Vegetarian Myths?

    1. Of course! Requests are always open. :)
      What veggie myth would you like to see get debunked?


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