25 April, 2014

Vegetarian Myth #24: Soy milk= breast growth in all women.

HA! If that were only true. Not sure how many vegetarian girls have heard this, but I've been told countless times that soy milk enhances breast growth. I'd be a C cup by now if that were factual! But why do people believe soy milk increases hormones in women?

Two reasons: The protein and the belief that soy milk contains estrogen. Soy has a natural plant estrogen called isoflavones, but works differently than the estrogen that we have. Isoflavones can reduce, activate, or do nothing to human estrogen. All bodies differ in lifestyle, hence why not everyone is affected the same way with things like food or soy milk.

So far, I haven't met any vegetarian girls who had to switch to a larger bra size since drinking soy milk. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any. If you're a beginner at vegetarianism, there are many other milk alternatives for you besides soy milk. Stick around because I'll write all about them very soon. :)

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