29 May, 2014

Vegetarian Mermaid Fitness! (Week 1)

So I've finally decided to get the ball rolling on my fitness adventure! There have been times where I'd start working out, see some improvements, and stop after two weeks or so (laziness). But I want to stick to this now and challenge myself as I go!

My main problem area was always my tummy. "But Adi, you're 113 pounds!!" Well, even short, 113-pound girls can have a gut problem! Sadly, I've never had a flat tummy since the age of twelve. :( Even after I became a vegetarian at the age of 16, I lost weight but the tummy stayed. This is a perfect example of why vegetarians need exercise!

The workouts I've adopted are three, and they're very simple. I have the sometimes terrifying privilege of living on the highest floor in my apartments, the sixth floor. My second workout is sit-ups, and the third is yoga. The stairs are perfect to run after everyone has gone to work and school (around 8 in the morning). I started running them yesterday and ran up and down the stairs four times; walking and jogging. The last one I ran all the way up and almost puked! However, I just got into the house, sat down, and relaxed! My body was so tired that I felt so weak just standing in the shower!

Now, the photos!!

Sometimes I even look pregnant! It was smaller a couple of years back, but I gained some weight and didn't do any exercise. My goal is to lose any water weight I have and get rid of that tummy!!

WEDNESDAY: Run the stairs as many times as I can.
THURSDAY: Do at least 50 sit-ups.
FRIDAY: 15 minutes of yoga.

I'll write a post every week with my schedule and how I've been feeling. As of right now, my legs are killing me, but I'll do the 50 sit-ups, and I'll reward myself with some yoga tomorrow!


  1. I do crunches, planking and lift my legs up while sitting on my back (dunno how's that called) for my abs and I'm very happy with the result. I also do sit-ups and yoga and other derived exercises, but they don't put much pressure on my abs.

    1. I'll definitely incorporate those workouts onto my schedule for the weeks to come. :) I just started on Wednesday so there's always time to add more for Monday and Tuesday. Thank you for the recommendations!


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