03 June, 2014

Easy French Toast Recipe!

Every type of vegetarian has to have some cooking skills. Since I recently spoke about teenage vegetarians, this one goes out to them. Don't worry though, the beauty about these recipes are that they're inexpensive, easy to make, and great for any age! Perfect for: lacto-ovo vegetariansovo-vegetarianspescatariansflexitarians, and omnivores.

*Makes 6 slices
- 2 Eggs
- White bread
- Powdered Cinnamon
- Syrup

1. Break the two eggs and whip them together in a bowl.

2. Pour them into a small plate.

3. Grab a slice of bread and dip both sides into the small plate.

4. On medium heat, (cooking oil is optional) place the slice and add cinnamon.

5. Flip and add cinnamon to other side. 

6. Once the egg is fully cooked/ golden brown, put on a separate plate, add powdered sugar (optional) and syrup, slice across, and enjoy!


  1. If you're not using cinnamon, if you put some ground black pepper into the egg mixture, it's nice ^-^

    1. I love black pepper! I'll try it next time, thanks. :)

  2. I've not had French toast in a very very long time, I think weekend breakfast is now already sorted :) Thanks pretty.

    1. I recently started making it; it's my breakfast when there's almost no food to eat at home! Hahah


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