16 June, 2014

Vegetarian Mermaid Fitness! (Week 3)

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence. My baby niece just turned one last week, so we celebrated her birthday AND baptism together. I was also working on some sewing projects that I'll share soon. ;)

Below is my week 3 workout schedule:
(JUNE 8 - JUNE 14)
SUNDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga.
MONDAY: 2O minutes of dance, 2O minutes of aerobics.
TUESDAY: 4O minutes of aerobics.
WEDNESDAY: Run the stairs as many times as  I can.
THURSDAY: 2O minutes of dance, 2O minutes of aerobics.
FRIDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga, 2O Minutes of dance.
SATURDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga.

I learned that I can't workout on the weekends. The reason being is that I never know what is gonna happen on those days, but most of the time they consist of going out early. I was able to accomplish my Monday and Tuesday workouts, but things went downhill after Wednesday (as in I stopped working out). Another thing I learned is that I can't run the stairs because too many people are passing by who happen to be very nosy. I don't feel comfortable running around people who are just gonna stare at me. -___-

However, there are some results! One thing I forgot to do in the beginning is share my measurements. When first starting, this is what they were:
Back: 18 in.
Breasts/ chest area: 31 in.
Waist: 29 in.
Hips: 37 in.

The results for my back, chest, and hips are still the same, but my waist has gone down to 27 inches! This area is my main targeted one as well. My second target area is my back, I really don't want a broad back! x( My goal for my back is at least 21 in. and 25 in. for my waist. Ironically, I did not exercise for four days and ate a nutella-banana cronut (croissant doughnut) yesterday! This past week that seemed to be filled with laziness was actually filled with more realization. Yes, there is another thing I realized! I stopped and reminded myself of how young I still am!

My waist was a petite 25 inches with a tiny gut during my teen years till I was 19 (not that long ago). I started putting on weight at 19 and a half, and now that I'm 21 (going on 22 in October) I feel old and like my metabolism has slowed down and time is passing quicker. I was basically having a mid-life crisis since the age of 20! Sounds ridiculous, and sorry if I offended anybody. What made me think of this was Father's Day yesterday. For those of you who don't know, my dad passed away in 2008, he was 49; two weeks away from being 50. Seeing photos of him at my age and knowing what age he passed away in was a big eye opener. He was still very young! And here I am, about to be 22 and feeling like my life is over. Yet, here are photos of my father at my age, feeling on top of the world.

I've been stuck putting myself down with thoughts like: "People that are overweight have lost weight faster than I have. Anyone can lose a gut, but not me. I'm getting old, it's getting harder for me to do this. I can't do anything right. My metabolism is slowing down." etc. Honestly, none of the above are true! My metabolism works the same, I've just been eating a lot of junk food since moving out at 19. As for others shedding weight faster, getting old, and not being able to do this, it's all in my head! The thoughts themselves are the only reason why I've had a hard time. Yes, I'm nowhere near riches, and there have been points where I've been so hungry I'd tear up from the pain, but that doesn't mean that I can't do anything right or do good for myself. The struggle of life begins when your parents are out of the picture and it's just you and your significant other (or yourself alone) trying to make ends meet. Things will get better though, as long as we continue to see the reality and think positively.

I'm going to keep working out, but I won't be putting up my weekly schedule anymore. I'd rather do them than say them; less pressure and more time to sort out my daily routine. Results will be posted up a month from now (July 16) to see how I'm doing, and I'll probably continue them for every month. Time for me to start the day with some yoga. :)

What are some fears or self-doubts that you've conquered? 

P.S: Feliz día del padre to my dad :), and thank you so much for everyone who read my entire post! Sorry it was so lengthy. >.<


  1. You my friend are an inspiration to my moms. Moms are not young like you, and I do not want mommy to give up. Someone needs to keep inspiring mommy with words,, and I have chosen you to help us,,, so please do not give up,,, please keep on keeping on.
    We love you
    your tweedles

    1. Thank you Tweedles and Tweedles' mommies! :)<3


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