28 July, 2014

¿Am I a healthy vegetarian?

Taking the plunge into vegetarianism? Great! But did you know that even vegetarians can develop health problems?
Vegetarianism is whatever you make it to be! You can either make it a fruitful benefit or a downward spiral of illness. Taking care of your body may be easier said than done, but that's only if you think of it that way. How do you know if you're keeping your body healthy? Here are the most common signs of an unhealthy vegetarian!

     1. Feeling dizzy (like the room is spinning) in the morning.
     2. Losing weight too fast.
     3. Gaining excess weight.
     4. Loss of energy and strength.
     5. Having difficulty using the restroom (changes in urine and/or stool).
     6. Sleepy during the day but not at night.
     7. Constant headaches.
     8. Have more body fat than muscle, even if weight fits your height.
     9. Constant vomiting.
     1O. Negative changes in mood.

Having any of these symptoms? It's best to see a nutritionist (not a doctor) to help with the problem. This might just mean that you're a bit malnourished and need to eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. However, feeling this way before becoming a vegetarian could be a sign of something more serious that your doctor should look into.

Remember to never skip breakfast! A simple and inexpensive oatmeal drink in the morning can do a lot since the oats contain fiber and fill you up faster, that way you don't overeat later in the day.


  1. Its important to know these things!! thank you for sharing!

    1. It's very important to keep ourselves healthy. :)


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