18 July, 2014

♡¡Fun Size!♡

I was ecstatic when I checked the mail yesterday to find the unicorn dream badge and bow that I ordered from my friend's shop, fashion blogger (and fellow vegetarian) Marlena! I've been dying to purchase things from her shop for the longest time, and I finally saved up to get these two accessories.
Talk about perfect timing too, because they sold out right after I ordered them! The camera doesn't give these cuties justice, but the bow is 5 inches and has glitter and tulle fabric. The badge is 2 inches long with glitter (you can kind of see it on the photo above).

Call me crazy, but I feel like the giant bow and magical unicorn badge help compliment my petite-ness, being 5' 1 & 1/2" and all. Yeah, not even 5' 2", hahah! What better way to also celebrate losing two inches off my waist than with a really cute outfit?! The shorts that I'm wearing were originally an old pair of pants from Wet Seal. I thought they looked a little ridiculous as pants so I turned them into shorts. (>^.^<)
The jacket is a vintage-lover's dream! This baby belonged to my brother Mikey (r.i.p) when he was around 9 years old, which was in 1991. Luckily, my mom kept it in my closet and I began wearing it in high school. The badge has really helped make the jacket mine.
I'm sure my brother wouldn't mind.
If all vintage, hand-made, or pastel colors is your thing, then I really recommend Marlena's shop. She sells clothing as well so check that out too! I guess you can say this blog post was a shop review and also an outfit-of-the-day. I'm just beyond happy and wanted to share with all of my guppies. Check out her shop at the link below. c:

And don't forget to visit her blog!

What are some of your favorite accessories that make your outfits come to life?

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