12 August, 2014

The Art of Food Chewing.

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For as long as I remember, I was always that one kid who finished their plate last. Oh, how my parents hated my eating habits! But then word got out that eating slowly is healthier for you because your body absorbs nutrients faster and also helps in weight loss; same goes for fluids. Don't chew too little and drink too much!

When you rush food down your throat, you're not receiving all the vitamins and nutrients that you would when chewing slowly and consistently. Drinking things quickly will also make you run to the bathroom more often. Not only that, you also start to gain weight! Here are three simple, yet effective tips I use for healthier chewing habits. c:

1. Reach for smaller bowls and plates instead of large ones. When chewing food slowly, the body receives the message of fullness much faster. If you eat too quickly, your body won't realize it's full till later.
2. Eat the old fashioned way, without technology! Don't tweet, check instagram or any social networks, watch television, etc. while you are eating. These things actually cause you to overeat.
3. Catch yourself when chewing fast or gulping down any drink. The more you catch and correct yourself, the easier and more natural the habit will become. 

Extra Tip: Chew with your mouth closed and don't stuff your cheeks. No one likes a loud eater, and there's nothing more annoying than the sound of someone chewing their food. So be courteous and don't let people hear you chew. Not only is it gross, it's a rude and uneducated habit. Even if you're eating alone, watch yourself!

¿What are some of your healthy eating habits?


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