14 August, 2014

The "Throwback Thursday" blog project!

Have you ever looked back at an old book report and rekindled the memories of that time? That's the type of feeling I get when reading my old blog posts.

When I entered the blogging world, I had no past experience and no blogging friends. Naturally, my blog was to rise very slowly. Overtime I learned the importance of paragraph structure in blogging and two & a half years later I feel proud of my past work! So what better way to show some love than to shed some light on them again?

The Throwback Thursday (#tbt) blog project will take place on my social network profiles/ timelines every Thursday starting today! I'll begin with linking my very first blog post and work my way up every Thursday. (Check my contact page to see where you can find me.) Anyone can join too. Yeah, looking back can be embarrassing sometimes, but it can be fun to see where you started from and also teach or remind you of old things that you liked about yourself.

My one rule? Link back to this post when linking your old posts so anyone who is interested will know what it's all about. c; The phot below is a twitter example:

Because this is the first Thursday, here is the link to my very first post!
And here is an old photo of what I looked like when I first started. (I was 18!)

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