19 August, 2014

Vegetarian Mermaid Fitness! (Month 3)

The good news is that my measurements haven't gone up; they're the same as last month. I recently started my old eating habits with a twist that are not about what I eat, but how much I eat throughout the day.

I'm beginning to eat a heavier breakfast that'll keep me full till the afternoon. I then eat a regular sized lunch and a small dinner. Making sure I eat my dinner at least two hours before going to bed is essential. The reason being is that food takes longer to be digested while you're asleep.

What are my real measurement goals? I can't really say. I'd just like to be fit through food and exercise, that's for sure! I ate a delicious pizza three days ago that has a review post in the works, so look out for that.

This will also be the last fitness log I write for now. Although my life leaves no space for organized exercise routines, I'll continue to seize any opportunity and keep going.

Till next time.♥


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