01 September, 2014


Top & Dress: Forever 21

Never thought I'd be a girl who'd wear two things from the same place, but it happens every now and then. This is what I wore yesterday to celebrate the near end of summer and to attend a special event. I've owned this dress since 2OO8 and it's become one of my favorites. The top fits me a bit baggy, and I get that that's the style, but baggy tops like that make me look like an oval, so I decided to tie it around my waist. ♡ Hahah

I'm wearing some blue Keds with this outfit, but they're a bit faded so I decided to exclude those. c;

I've been growing them out for almost a year, but I couldn't continue because I was starting to miss my old ones! I've had bangs since a toddler, and I got my first short bangs (above the eyebrow) in 8th grade. I know a lot of people dig the Bettie Page look, but I just believe that short bangs compliment my face better than really long ones. They also make me look wayyy younger! o.~

Yesterday was the 73rd wedding anniversary of my mama Lola and papa Miguel, the parents of my dad. Because of their age (91 and 94) they couldn't have the ceremony in church, so they had a priest come to their home and do the ceremony there.
About three people from each generation of the family went up to say something about them, and I was extremely hesitant at first, but my husband knows how much they mean to me and insisted I go up and say something. So I held in my tears and walked up to say a few words. Sure enough, those crocodile tears started to pour out but I told them how they're my only family and thanked them for giving me my father because he was a good dad. (r.i.p)
I gave them hugs and kisses, and walked back to my seat with great relief and happiness.
I always loved hearing stories from my grandparents, both from my mom's side and my dad's.
Mama Lola and papa Miguel married in 1941, but they dated for two years. However, back in the day parents wouldn't allow their daughters to speak to or see their boyfriends, so my grandparents would send letters to one another for two years, and they were neighbors! I find it so sweet how after 12 kids and 73 years they continue to have love for one another. My grandpapa has such a witty sense of humor and jokes with my grandma, but he's still a gentleman and offers her a seat and moves the seat closer to his. I love my grandparents, and one day I'll show you guys my mama Maria (r.i.p) and my papa Chon, parents of my mom.
Hope everyone keeps enjoying the last of their 3-day weekend.♥


  1. Your 3 day weekend sounds like lots of fun!

  2. You look adorable, love the bangs! And what a lovely family celebration, thank you for sharing with us. <3

    1. Thank you! It was very heartwarming for me and I'm glad you enjoyed.

  3. Great love story! So inspiring!



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