30 September, 2014

Nutella crêpes from The VegHog.♡

It was the summer of 2O12 when my Nutella obsession began. Seems like a movie, but I was introduced to crêpes as well. After all, that was the year I moved out. Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogs when I found a recipe on there for Nutella crêpes!! Knowing myself well enough, I was determined to make them, and I did!

The blog is called The VegHog and is always filled with amazing recipes and photos of the food that I wish to devour. The result of these Nutella crêpes: Beyond delicious!

Who doesn't love food that's yummy and easy to make? Below are the photos of my crêpes. They taste even better with a cold glass of natural almond milk. :9

If you want to make them, the recipe is HERE. I also recommend you follow the blog. Not just for support, but to get inspired by the amazing food. There are vegetarian and vegan recipes, and they're perfect for omnivores who are curious about trying Meatless Mondays too.

There were originally three, but I ate one while still making the other two. They're really good!


  1. Amazing, Adi! They look really tasty! And thank you very much for linking to my blog! :)

  2. The VegHog blog is lovely, so agree lots of inspirational recipes, I have a few bookmarked and hope to make some day. Right now, yes, those crepes look yummy, but its a weekend brunch for me.

    Adi, I also wanted to say THANK YOU so much for always taking time to comment on my blog, it is always, always appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Definitely, and thank you! This all literally made my day and I'm happy that I've discovered blogs like yours and The VegHog.<3

  3. My moms would freak out if they ever tasted one of those Nutelle crepes. The photo makes them look mouth watering good!

    1. It's that Nutella! Hahah
      But in all truth and honesty they taste delicious without the Nutella as well. :)


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