15 September, 2014

Sayonara, Facial soaps & scrubs!

Three days ago, my face hit rock bottom with facial cleansers. It's amazing how you can't see the damage done in this photo of me to the right. There are more detailed ones below, but first, let me give you the story of my two-year facial care nightmare.

Back in my glory days (high school) I rarely had breakouts. Whiteheads were nonexistent and blackheads were removed in a flash. I didn't use facial soaps either since I saw nothing wrong with my skin. Once I turned 2O, I decided to try some products from Lush Cosmetics because I loved how many are vegan and none are tested on animals.

I bought "Coal Face" soap which cleared the redness on my nose and past pimples. However, my face dried up after some months and got a couple of whiteheads around the sides of my mouth; moisturizers only created pimples. I went back and got "Cupcake" facial mask which gave me pimples after one use! Next, I used "Polished Perfection" facial scrub from Merle Norman which didn't help, and the whiteheads spread. Finally, I reverted to Lush, but chose something for sensitive skin, which was "Fresh Farmacy" soap. It cleared up the damage just to create its own problems weeks later.

Three days ago was the last time I used "Fresh Farmacy". I was gently washing my face at night when the bottom of my cheeks started to sting, as if I had cuts and someone threw alcohol on them. I quickly rinsed my face only to find the whiteheads on the bottom of my cheeks were bleeding! At that point I had enough and threw away the soap. Below are photos taken two nights ago. It was much worse, and yes, that is what my cheeks actually look like in the photo above.

Moral of the story:
Don't use things you don't need. Curiosity definitely killed this cat, well, at least the face. Unfortunately, even the lip tint I use from Lush gave me a whitehead on the top of my lip and forever left a bump (you can kind of see it on the top left photo of the collage). I still use it, but I use a lip balm first and then carefully apply the lip tint. So far it has given me no further problems.

After two years of facial care hell and countless warnings to not use these products, I finally stopped. One might say a little too late, but better late than never. It's a shame because I really wanted to enjoy Lush, but my experience (even with their shampoos and conditioners) has not been one of satisfactory.

P.S: I did a Lush review about a month after I first bought "Coal Face" and the lip tint. You can read that and see what my skin looked like HERE.


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