06 October, 2014

Global warming is very real in Los Angeles!

Just a quick rant of something I've been upset with for the past week. Apparently, the weather on my birthday (tomorrow) is going to be about 84 degrees. I loathe really warm and hot weather. Sounds silly because I'm from Los Angeles, but I'm an autumn baby. I love anything from 5O-75 degrees! Don't even get me started on grey clouds and rain; call me psychotic, but I adore thunderstorms and hail.

I'm not going into detail on global warming like others do. To be honest, the title of this post is an exaggeration that I forgot to mention (oops)! I know there's other places in the world right now (México is one) that are hot, humid, cloudy, & with 79 degree thunderstorms at night. Is it weird that I actually enjoy that? It's my only exception.

I began noticing the days become warmer after 2OO9. I remember sweating on my 18th birthday (during AUTUMN)?! Not that I never believed in global warming, but the way I kept track of the annual climate change was through my birthday. The leaves aren't even orange yet, the majority are still green. Remembering the times where my past birthdays had chilly air and warm kisses from the sun is now happening around mid November. Stepping on crunchy, orange leaves in late September and early October is nonexistent now in Los Angeles. Not to mention that flowers are blooming late in season. Appereantly global warming has calmed down a bit; I sure hope so!

I found this website where if you punch in your date of birth along with the city and state you were born in, it'll give you the weather report!
 Ready for this? The weather on the date of my birth was around 67 degrees! That's my favorite type of temperature! I certainly don't enjoy any extreme warmth or heat on my special day, however, I know that my loved ones will make it fun.

You can find out the weather on your date of birth HERE!


  1. I'd love it to be 84 degrees on my birthday, but living in England with a February birthday, that's never going to happen! You'd love the weather here right now, around 60 degrees, windy and rainy!


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