01 October, 2014

The Vegetarian Mermaid month is here!

Pink and opal birthstones, ghouls, crunchy orange leaves, chilly nights, scary movies, cozy sweaters, Oktoberfest, and we can't forget about Halloween and pumpkin pie! Isn't October the best? Every year I make a list of my October festivities because it's such a fun and busy month for me. October brings out the best in me and I strongly feel it's because that's my birthday month. The Libras of September like my husband (Sep. 26) and my grandpapa (Sep. 29) welcomed us into autumn, and now it's time to dive in and enjoy the ride! Here are the things I look forward to this month:

October 1: World Vegetarian Day.
October 2: Four year anniversary with my husband.
October 7: My 22nd birthday!
October 2O-25?: SIX year anniversary as a vegetarian!
October 31: HALLOWEEN!!!!!

October 1: World Vegetarian Day.
'Tis the month to be appreciated. If you're a vegetarian and no one has thanked you yet, then I thank you. Be happy today (and everyday) and know that your contribution to animal welfare is important to me. Imagine a world without vegetarians- wait, don't! It doesn't look as beautiful. Hahah Happy Vegetarian Day, friends.

October 2: Four year anniversary with my husband.
How I still remember the day we met face to face. He literally got out of bed and walked to school just to see me, and he was sick. Four years later we live together and are now married! So many ups and downs, but what's a relationship without a good fight? My biggest source of happiness AND my biggest pet peeves derive from the same person! But the ability to overcome obstacles and grow is what keeps us together.

October 7: My birthday.
It was 3 in the morning in 1992 when I was born on this day. I can't believe that was 22 years ago! Don't you ever feel like it was just yesterday you woke up to go to kindergarten and come home to your favorite meal and cartoons? *sigh* Those were the days. I strongly believe in astrology depending in both the month and day you are born on. Mine seems to be pretty spot on!

October 2O-25?: Six year anniversary as a vegetarian.
I can't remember the exact day I became a vegetarian, but I remember it being a week or two after my 16th birthday. I remember the day clearly, just not the date. ;___; But that's okay, because six years later I continued something that my family thought I'd never accomplish or eventually give up on. Vegetarianism is one of my biggest accomplishments and I'm proud.

October 31: Halloween.
I can't even begin to describe how excited I am. Just reading the word makes my heart race with happiness!! This Halloween is going to be a very special one too since I'll be celebrating in San Francisco with my husband and our friends. I even have my costume already, but I won't share that till later. ~.o

This list may seem short, but you have no idea how many October Libra friends and family members I have. I'd say about 2O people in total (Libras really know how to find each other). And after October, my favorite day of November is the 1Oth, my bff's birthday! I'll also be hanging out with her later today.

What do you love the most about October? And when is your birthday??
Do you think that we'd get along according to our astrological signs. c;
Do tell!


  1. I love what you said about today- October 2
    very special!

  2. It may be a little belated, but would you mind if I sent you a birthday card? <3

    1. Not at all! I actually love birthday cards. c:


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