05 November, 2014

Back From San Francisco.❁

I arrived home on Monday, but it's taken me some time to get back into the flow of my daily routine. I left to Oakland with my husband, his cousin, and our friend on Thursday morning to arrive in the afternoon. Every trip down to SF just gets better; this was the first time I experienced the rain there and also my first Halloween away from home. The four days in SF and Oakland consisted of immense walking, classic horror flicks, food, rain, costumes, and pugs! Here are some photos from my trip!

This is Brownie! My husband's cousin rescued him. We stayed with her in Oakland and would take the Bart to SF in the mornings.

I got stopped a couple of times for photos on Halloween, but the most memorable moment was when Chun-Li and I crossed paths! Sailor Moon meets Street Fighter on Castro Street, two of my childhood idols in the same place and on my favorite holiday; Halloween couldn't have been more golden. ~.o

Once the gloves, tiara, and dumplings came off at night. *ghost eye*
I seriously mastered Usagi's hairstyle; it was perfect! Unfortunately, I was so sleepy that I just undid my hair and didn't take a proper photo of those amazing dumplings. ;(
1. Vegan caramel & pecan cinnamon roll.
2. Dulce de leche gelato.
3. Vegan banana-walnut-chocolate chip cookie sandwich 
with vegan mint-chocolate chip ice cream.
4. Eggplant sandwich with melted cheese and hot marinara sauce.
5. Moon Cake.

aaand..... Pug Sunday!
I've been wanting to go since I found out there was such a day! On the first Sunday of every month, people bring their pug companions to the park (along with other doggies, like this corgi) and let them run free for a bit. I even learned something about pugs that day, they never listen! I kept hearing people call to their pugs and they just wouldn't pay attention. After that day, I swore that my future pug companion would be very disciplined. Hahahah

Now that I'm back, I'll be catching up on reading my favorite blogs and writing some more. c;
What did you do for Halloween?

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