08 November, 2014

How to be an exceptional vegetarian (& individual).

You don't have to shop at Whole Foods, wear a $5OO jacket made of 1OO% recycled vegan-friendly fabric, or preach freedom for animals to be an amazing person. However, there are some great things to do that can make your life as a vegetarian (& individual) much happier.

1. Don't preach your ways onto others.
That's been my number one thing since the beginning of this blog. If I ever sound like I'm preaching, you are choosing to read my opinions.  (Teeheehee) I don't tell people, "You should be a vegetarian. How could you love animals but eat them? Omnivores are so ignorant." etc. Even an omnivore could read my blog. I wouldn't care, and neither should you. Worry about yourself. And as harsh as this may sound, don't share your opinion unless someone asks for it. Some of us are allowed freedom of speech, and that's okay, but I believe that common courtesy is better. Want to preach? Start a blog!

2. Take care of your body.
Think about this: When we sneeze, that means that some type of bad germs or virus tried to get into our system, our body detected the danger and tossed it out with a sneeze. Or how our body produces sweat to keep us cool and prevent dehydration. We may see these things as gross, but our body is doing us many favors, so why not return the love? Eat your veggies, and don't be afraid to eat a little junk food every now and then. Don't forget to exercise either. Even dancing in your room counts as fitness!

3. Defeat your demons.
"Shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to." You'd think that advice from these lyrics would sink into my head as a toddler. Shyness is something I've always battled but have gotten much better at overcoming. Whether it be shyness, kindness, grudges, or past mistakes, don't let it stop you from being a better person. Forgive all, and it's okay to never forget. It's okay to be afraid or nervous, but think of that feeling as a rush and let that motivate you to pass any obstacle. You'll feel so relieved, proud, and confident. c;

4. Be positive and realistic.
For every thing we lose, we regain something good. Sometimes we just can't help but get mad at something or someone, but don't let that bring down the rest of your day. Saw an animal abuse video that made you want to rant to the whole world about it? Trust me, I know how you feel! No matter what hardships you may face or are facing, remember that we all have problems and you're not alone in your struggles. There's a strong energy that feeds us whatever we release. If you feel angry and depressed, then that's all you'll receive back. Sometimes life throws positive things in our most darkest times, and don't be afraid to embrace it. Think with common sense and know that life always can and always will get better.

5. Find what you love and make it happen!
Have you ever been curious of trying something but thought, "I could never do that."? Don't be silly! If you feel a strong urge to do something good then go for it. You can be and do whatever you want. Certain passions may be harder to obtain, but nothing is too much for you if you really want it. Never underestimate the power of your body and mind; we are some pretty though cookies! Want to save animals? Do everything in your power to find out how. Interested in creating vegan pastries? Experiment with all types of ingredients till you create what you've been looking for. There is room for success and happiness in your life, so don't let anyone (not even yourself) tell you otherwise.


  1. I liked it when someone in the forest said... If you can't say anything nice-- then just be quiet.
    Or something like that!

  2. Whenever I come to your blog, you always manage to make me smile.

  3. I love the way you look at things. <333



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