27 December, 2014

Cruelty-free beauty from head to toe.❀

Pampering yourself is such a delight when you've got the perfect products at the palm of your hands. Cruelty-free beauty products can be a pain to find when you don't know where to start. Thankfully, I'm here to share some of my favorite brands along with a link at the end that lists products not test on animals!
(The skirt I'm wearing was a DIY project. To watch the video on how to make it, click HERE, and don't forget to follow Annika! c; I recommend using cotton fabric instead of velvet like me. heheh)

Head: As a kid, I was nicknamed "Gloria Trevi" for never brushing my hair and using no gels or spray. The only things I use on my hair are shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free and not tested on animals? Of course! My products of choice are Organix shampoo & conditioner which I also did a review on. You can check that out HERE.

Face: If you're a new reader, then you probably don't know about the crisis my face had. If you suffer from acne, you might want to give this a read. Aside from not using facial soaps anymore, I would recommend "Coal Face" from Lush Cosmetics. It's one of their only products that worked the longest, but you'll also need a moisturizer (preferably oil-free). If you like facial masks, then you'll love this 3 ingredient face mask smoothie! Along with face, the only makeup I use is an occasional lip tint. My signature tint is "It Started With a Kiss" by Lush Cosmetics.

Body: My body wash preference is St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea butter. I've used this one for over two years and recently started again. I also use this on my face to massage in the shower.
Lotion: My two signature scents are Warm Vanilla Sugar and Dark Kiss; both from Bath & Body Works & not worn at the same time. ;P heheh

Nails: My absolute favorite brand of nail polish is wet n wild! The colors are so rich and one coating goes a long way. I use the calcium enriched Crystalic nail color in Royal Red. This nail polish is toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalate free.

Feet: Taking care of your body in general is important, but taking care of your feet is a big must! I like using a foot scrubber that looks like an oval rock with massage bumps on the side. If you have dry feet, Avon foot works Soothing Cinnamon Foot Balm is for you.

Wondering if some of your favorite products are being tested on animals? Check HERE to make sure you're using cruelty-free brands.

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  1. Its always great to find cruelty free beauty products. I love your skirt, so pretty!
    Lynne x

    1. I get so excite when I find them. lol Thank you. :)

  2. You got some cool stuff there!

  3. Hola!! me encanta tu blog y la falda roja es muy bonita, por cierto me gusta eso de que los productos no los usen antes con animales. Besis :)

    1. Gracias! Y me siento mas segura y relajada cuando no experimentaron productos en los animales. :)


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