03 January, 2015

Subject Appreciation: Environmental History.

During my first semester in college, I failed American Political History (Ha!) and decided to take environmental history the next semester. What I never imagined was this class becoming my absolute favorite, even after three years since it ended. I love animals and the environment, but the history of our world through the aspect of nature puzzled me in a curious way, making me eager to learn more.

The class focuses on the subject of deforestation, pollution, extinction of certain plants and animals, etc., and how these things have built the present world. I've always been a bookworm, but the assigned books were the ones I studied the most. This was also the only class I didn't mind writing annotated bibliographies for!

My professor was a tall, slender man with a tranquil voice and a handful of patience for every student. Some may say a bit too tranquil for their liking, but I found the lectures interesting. You can easily tell when a professor is interested in what they teach, and my professor was nothing but deeply involved. I even interviewed him for my journalism final.ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

If you're a college/ university student, check if your school has any Environmental History classes. I highly recommend it for any animal, environmental, or history lover. When I moved out a year later, I took my environmental history books with me as I couldn't part ways with them. These were the class books:

Which school subject was always your favorite?


  1. I studied Biological Sciences with a major in botany and environmental sciences...I still love to identify plants when I'm out walking!

    1. How neat! I once had a book that was all about plants. :) That's another thing I'd be interested in learning more about.

  2. We didn't study enviornmental history at our school but I'm sure it must be really interesting. Unsurprisingly, my favourite subject was art :)
    Lynne x

    1. It is. :) I didn't take any art classes in college, but I loved them in high school!


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